Goodbye Silk Road, Hello Black Market

Anonym sagte: what is the url for silk road once you have TOR? I can't find it.

If you want to create a new Silk Road account use this adress:


If you have a Silk Road account use this adress for login:


How To join Silk Road - Anonymous Marketplace

1.Download Tor Vidalia Bundle here:

2.Install TOR

3.Open TOR and go to this NEW adress:


4.Go to "Register" and Create Silk Road account

If you already have an Silk Road AAccount go to:  http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/index.php/silkroad

5.To buy something at Silk Road you neet Bitcoins, so go to any shop and change money into Bitcoins.For example here:

7.Before you buy any item read the Silk Road Buyer's guide.

Buyer´s Guide:

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    Full silk road guide and tips found here.
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