Goodbye Silk Road, Hello Black Market

Captain Mittelstrahl meets Amsterdam & visits his mother ! from German Kraut on Vimeo.

"Captain Mittelstrahl" meets Amsterdam & visits his mother !
Captain Mittelstral (Captain central ray piss) is the founder and mascot of the famous ScreenyWeeny 3.0 SET, world´s best fake penis for drug tests.
Here you can see the ScreenyWeeny 3.0 fake penis in action and how it works. Get more informations and details here:
ScreenyWeeny 3.0 is “Made in Germany”
ScreenyWeeny 3.0 SET world´s best fake penis for drug test
ScreenyWeeny 3.0 SET “white/mulatte”
ScreenyWeeny 3.0 - world´s best fake penis! Better, easier to use and more compact - the perfected ScreenyWeeny 3.0 is out now!!! Because of the new system it´s now also ideal for using on the move and the application is more authentic. “Ready to run”. The ScreenyWeeny is manufactured by us by hand - just HANDMADE IN GERMANY (im so proud to be a german LOL)

Including: 1x ScreenyWeeny 3.0, 2x 70ml synthetic urine in an infusion bag, 1x empty infusion bag for practising or to fill with other liquids, 1x tie-around thermal bag (it maintaines the temperatur on 32°C for up to 6 hours)
Just unpack, put on, start to piss!!!
Get it here:

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